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Office for Career Development
St. Thomas University School of Law
16401 NW 37th Avenue · Miami Gardens, FL 33054
Phone Number: (305) 623-2351 • Fax Number: (305) 623-2372

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
一道本不卡免费高清 Access to the office either before 9am or after 5pm is by appointment.

Location in Law School:

The Office for Career Development is located in the Center for Professional Development in the law school annex.

Making Appointments:

To make an appointment with a Career Counselor, you may call our office at (305) 623-2351 or email one of the Career Counselors directly.

Career Development Staff

Lourdes B. Fernandez, Esq.
Assistant Dean for Career Development
Sherea L. Randle, Esq.
Public Sector Career Counselor
Laura J. Varela, Esq.
Private Sector Career Counselor
Lizet Perdomo-Ramirez
Recruitment Coordinator