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  • Professional Sports and Sporting Events

    South Florida is home to four, soon to be five, major professional sports teams, each with their own home stadium and legions of fans.

    Major League Baseball (MLB)

    National Basketball Association (NBA)

    National Football League (NFL)

    National Hockey League (NHL)

    Major League Soccer (MLS)

    (beginning play in 2020)
    Inter Miami CF stadium at Miami Freedom Park

    Miami Open Tennis


    Parks, Beaches and Recreation

    一道本不卡免费高清With great year-round weather, there is always an abundance of exciting things to do outdoors.


    There are over 60 miles of beautiful, in South Florida. With all those miles come many options – whether it’s a secluded, oceanfront nature preserve, a family-friendly stretch of sand or a lively party spot lined with restaurants and bars, there’s a beach in South Florida that will suit your mood and every water-sport imaginable to go along with it.

    Parks and Recreation

    If you’ve ever wanted to tour the on an air-boat, conquer a challenging bike trail, or maneuver a kayak through the mangroves, the opportunity will always be there when you head outdoors in South Florida. Take some time to experience and enjoy South Florida’s natural wonders.

    The Arts Scene

    The Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area is home to an unparalleled level of artistry with influences from every corner of the globe. There are museums, art galleries, and historical homes that cover interests ranging from historical artifacts to more contemporary visuals. Art lovers have options such as the , , , , the , the , and the .

    South Florida also serves as home to premier art shows such Art Basel that attracts an international mixture of artists and art lovers every year.

    Festivals and Carnivals

    一道本不卡免费高清South Florida is a melting pot of cultures where you will find communities rich with international customs and festivals that you can join or observe. Events such as , , , , and the give us something to enjoy annually.

    Concerts, Theater and Entertainment


    The top names in music and theater will always find an engaged and excited crowd in South Florida. We are home to concert venues such as that have welcomed world-renowned comedy and musical acts including B.B. King, Aerosmith, Andrea Bocelli and Tim McGraw.

    The , , and , are not only homes to professional sports teams but are also a large concert venues and have hosted popular recording artists such as Lady Gaga, Usher, Katy Perry and Beyoncé.


    South Florida is almost always a must-do when Broadway acts hit the road and and have welcomed all the major stage hits including Hamilton, The Lion King, Wicked, The Jersey Boys and Motown, The Musical.

    Getting Around South Florida – Public Transportation

    There are numerous options for getting around South Florida if you don’t have your own form of transportation. The options include:

    1. Tri-Rail – offers daily train service between Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. St. Thomas Law offers free shuttle service between the campus and the Tri-Rail station.
    2. Metro-Rail – The Metrorail system is an elevated rapid transit system that provides service throughout Miami Dade county.
    3. Metro-Bus – The Metrobus system provides service throughout Miami-Dade County 365 days a year. Service is available from Miami Beach and Key Biscayne to West Miami-Dade, as far north as Broward County and as far south as Homestead, Florida City and the Middle Florida Keys. Designed to intersect with Metrorail and Metromover, the bus system serves all major shopping, entertainment and cultural centers, as well as major hospitals and schools.
    4. Broward County Transit (BCT) – is the primary option for getting around Broward County. The routes allow access to schools, shopping, libraries, parks, cultural and civic activities, and other places of interest.
    5. Brightline – Brightline is a highspeed rail network connecting Miami to West Palm Beach with an extension to Orlando scheduled to open in 2021.